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Precision power amplifier

The main features of our power amplifiers are extreme broadband, low distortion and stability, above all. All amplifiers are operated and parameterized via a comfortable application software. The basic devices are mere voltage suppliers and provide 2 supply voltages and a USB interface.
The letter "E" in the model name represents additional features: the amplifiers can optionally be operated as voltage amplifier or current amplifier; there are monitor outputs for voltage and current, and there are 3 symmetrical supply voltages available for optional selection.
The amplifiers from the QE range provide "auto-commutating" voltage supply. In contrast to the E-models, 3 bipolar supply voltages are individually switched either automatically or manually.
The QE-models provide highest sink outputs and are thus also suitable for operation as active load.
For detailed information on HUBERT amplifier technology please see our White Paper No.1: HUBERT power amplifiers.