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New Product: Pulse Generator for binary signals

The PG-1410 pulse generator is a device that amplifies externally generated binary signals in a frequency range from 0 to 300 kHz. The voltage of the output signal can be adjusted between +/- 0.2 VP and +/- 25 VP via a supplied analog signal. The connected load may have purely resistive, inductive as well as capacitive properties. With peak currents generated up to 200 AP (for max. 40 µs) or a maximum continuous current of 36 ARMS, up to 900 W output power can be drawn. In addition to the overtemperature shutdown, the current monitor reliably provides overload protection. The interlock input and an enable input are used for fast shutdown or enable the amplifier.

The amplifier has a wide range power supply unit and is therefore well prepared for universal applications.


The figures show a possible voltage signal and a possible current signal at the amplifier output:

Figure 1: Voltage without load, 1 kHz-Pulse, UOUT = 25 VPP


 Figure 2: Short circuit with C = 130 µF, 1 kHz-Pulse, UOUT = 25 VPP


Visit the PG-1410 Product Page for more information!

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